Siemens Class 52 Push Buttons: Building Safety

With the importance of safety in mind, SE Automation and Siemens are offering Class 1 Division 2 Contact Blocks for Push Buttons. The contact blocks help achieve the highest level of safety in hazardous locations. These trusted and reliable pushbuttons are products that your applications can rely on for long-lasting performance. They are now available with C1D2 hazardous location contact blocks.  The contact blocks also provide you with easy switching pilot devices and pushbuttons, while meeting safety compliance regulations. Siemens Class 52, 30mm pushbuttons, and contact blocks are rated to be used in Class 1/flammable gases, flammable liquid-produced vapors, and combustible liquid-produced vapors.

Features & Benefits Push Buttons:

  • Compliant with 501.11(B) which requires that enclosures for fuses, switches, circuit breakers, and motor controllers, including pushbuttons, shall be dust-tight
  • Quickly snap on switches, plot devices, and pushbuttons
  • Provides dual UL ratings for use in both ordinary & hazardous locations

These contact blocks are suitable for the following industries: Oil and gas, mining, chemical, and mills. Additionally, a 16-amp rating means that these contact blocks can be used in ordinary environments, such as direct-starting motors and/or tungsten-lighting ratings without an interposing relay.

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SIRIUS ACT – Push Buttons and Signaling Devices

Contributing author: Rick Drake, Channel Account Manager, Siemens

Powerful machines need powerful controls. Siemens SIRIUS ACT offers a unique portfolio of elegantly designed push buttons, indicator lights, and switches that provide all the performance you are looking for.

Constructed with genuine metal and high-grade plastics, engineered with smart functions and communication capabilities, these new push buttons, indicator lights, and switches have been extreme element tested to ensure reliability for your most mission critical operations.


SIRIUS ACT is highlighted by its:

  • Modern Design (elegant product design and high-quality material)
  • Ease of use (takes the concept of sophistication in simplicity to the next level)
  • Extreme robust frame (reliable for when things get rough)
  • Flexible communication (flexibility via AS-I, IO-Link, and Profinet)

In the food and beverage industry, the sensor switch is utilized. The most important concept for this specific industry is to ensure the highest hygienic conditions. With the SIRIUS ACT sensor switch, companies can integrate a durable, clean alternative to the standard pushbutton in their workplace.

Additionally, the SIRIUS ACT sensor switch operates successfully when the user is wearing gloves. Due to the capacitive proximity switch, the human body is used as a dielectric. As the user contacts the sensor switch, the gain in capacitance along the surface of the switch produces a signal. This signal can be used to control machinery or other operations.

Learn more about the SIRIUS ACT and features HERE or visit SIRIUS ACT on Siemens website HERE.