Safety Base

Finding the latest relevant information on machine and process safety can be a real challenge. What industry standards apply? How about OSHA regulations? Risk assessment? What safety solutions are available? How will emerging trends impact your business? In the face of such uncertainty and change, where do you turn for answers?


It’s a free educational website developed by a group of U.S. safety experts who have joined forces to bring you the latest information and resources on industrial automation safety issues. The site is sponsored by Siemens Energy & Automation, the leader in automation excellence.

What value does this mean to you? is an interactive website that offers the following benefits:

  • Central source of safety information accessible 24/7/365
  • Extensive safety knowledgebase with free access to everything having to do with machine and process safety
  • Discussion forums for networking and sharing information within the safety community, including access to safety industry experts
  • Understanding how safety can be leveraged into a competitive advantage for your company

Who will benefit? is valuable resource specifically designed for:

  • engineers
  • safety professionals
  • operational management
  • corporate management

Visit and check out the available resources that will help you address industry standards and OSHA regulations, understand how safe environments correlate to increased productivity, tips on improving machine, process and personnel safety, and reducing risks and minimizing insurance/liability costs.

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