SIPLUS CMS – Systematically Boosting Availability

Manufacturing facilities prioritize efficiency and productivity. To minimize unplanned downtimes, it is necessary to detect the sources of error at an early stage.  If you do this, it′s possible to plan maintenance activities to ensure that they do not interrupt productive operation. This is precisely where SIPLUS CMS Condition Monitoring Systems come in. They continuously monitor the condition of mechanical components in your machinery and throughout the plant. As a result, any changes resulting from wear or other damage based on the documented trend histories can be detected at an early stage and issues resolved before they lead to plant downtime.

The SIPLUS CMS line is versatile and comes with three different product options. Check them out!

SIPLUS CMS1200 – monitor with SIMATIC

  • The compact SIMATIC based solution offers you the integration of condition monitoring of mechanical components into automation with SIMATIC S7-1200. You do not need any other software for diagnostics, visualization, and parameterization.
  • As many as 28 vibration sensors can be connected per CPU without additional software. The recorded data is analyzed by the internal software of the CMS1200 and stored on the SM 1281 condition monitoring module. Process variables, such as temperature, torque, and pressure can be recorded using additional S7-1200 modules. As such, SIPLUS CMS1200 condition monitoring solution with the TIA Portal, is fully integrated into the automation system.
  • SIPLUS CMS1200 Specs:
    • Software for parameter-based and frequency-selective onboard analyses (analysis algorithms)
    • Easy archiving of data on the system’s own memory
    • Additional analysis options via raw data
    • Connectable
      • 4 IEPE vibration acceleration sensors per SM 1281
      • 1 rotary speed sensor per SM
      • Up to seven SM 1281 per S7-1200 CPU

SIPLUS CMS2000 – be self-sufficient

  • The modular, web-based system solution enables simple diagnostics, visualization, and parameterization via a web browser without additional software. The device is suitable for stand-alone operation and is easy to integrate.
  • It can be used to record signals via vibration sensors and analyze, diagnose, and visualize them in a web browser without additional software. A web browser can even be used for parameterization. This significantly simplifies both on-site and during remote operation handling for service personnel. The modular design makes it easy to perfectly tailor the system to specific requirements. As a result, the basic unit can be expanded by VIB-MUX (vibration multiplexer) modules for up to 16 vibration sensors. Furthermore, it is possible to measure the temperature, speed, and analog signals such as pressure.
  • SIPLUS CMS2000 Specs:
    • Software for parameter-based and frequency selective analyses on board (analysis algorithms)
    • Connectable
      • 2 IEPE interfaces for vibration sensors
      • 2 analog inputs
      • 1 speed input
      • 2 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs

SIPLUS CMS4000 – make demands

  • The scalable and freely configurable Condition Monitoring System is particularly well suited for complex analysis and measurement tasks. It paves the way for detailed and comprehensive diagnostics and condition monitoring – in stand-alone operation as well as through easy integration into existing automation systems.
  • SIPLUS CMS4000 can monitor anything, from individual machine components to complex plants. No matter how complex or dynamic your production processes happen to be, the system grows with your requirements and consistently provides you with the precise functions that you need.
  • SIPLUS CMS Specs:
    • Connection of up to 30 hardware interface nodes (IFN) for the recording of vibration acceleration and analog signals as well as for slide bearing monitoring via distance measurement
    • Software nodes (software IONs) as function blocks whose maximum number is plant-specific
    • Bus technology: IEEE1394a (firewire) for the transfer of measured values to a PC (e.g. Microbox), long range via fiber-optic repeater (500 m)
    • CMS X-Tools analysis software

The Practical applications of SIPLUS CMS proves itself every single day in a wide range of applications around the world – thanks to the permanent monitoring of vibration levels in machines, rolling bearings and gear units, SIPLUS CMS significantly boosts availability. For that reason, countless companies in a wide variety of industries rely on condition monitoring with SIPLUS CMS.

  • Automotive industry
  • Chemicals
  • Renewable energies
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metals and mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Water and wastewater
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food and beverages

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Unified Hygienic Panels

SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic comprise six different devices with different display sizes. All devices come with the same number of hardware interfaces and the same functionality – just select the perfect device for your needs based on the screen size. Each Unified Comfort Panel Hygienic is available in a standard design with Siemens and SIMATIC HMI branding and a stainless steel frame.

All Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic possess integrated Edge functionality. SIMATIC WinCC Unified includes visualization, communication, alarms/messages, report generation, parameter set management, archiving, and user management. Also included are a WinCC Unified Client Operate (V17 or higher) for remote operator control and monitoring, and a WinCC Unified Client Monitor (V18 or higher) for monitoring only. Additional clients can be enabled with a license. In total, up to three client licenses can be used. Client access is based on native web technologies such as HTML5, SVG and JavaScript. The visualization can be accessed via any modern web browser – without the need for additional installation.

Industrial Edge can be used in two different ways:

  • Device-managed Edge
  • Centrally managed Edge (planned)

SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic can also be ordered with a neutral design.

Key Benefits of the Unified Hygienic Panels:

  • Hygienic design
    The Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic are characterized by a splinter protection foil. The device design was developed considering the EHEDG “Guidelines”. The FDA-compliant development was tested and confirmed by the Frauenhofer Institute. The devices are designed for harsh rated conditions and meet impact resistance IK10 and IP69 degree of protection, while cleanability has been tested and certified with ECOLAB cleaning agents.
  • Performance
    Improved hardware performance and significantly higher system limits for larger applications.
  • Operation
    Especially rugged multi-touch technology optimized for the specific requirements in industrial environments.
  • Openness
    The new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic are Edge-enabled. This opens up completely new possibilities, such as functional expansion by using apps and the processing and analysis of data directly at the machine.
  • Industrial Security Integrated
    The proprietary operating system based on SIMATIC Industrial OS offers maximum security. The unneeded interfaces and system apps can be deactivated or uninstalled.
    Despite their open structure and expandability, the Unified Comfort Panels are more secure than ever.

Unified Hygienic Panel Design Specs:

All Unified Comfort Panels come with integrated Edge functionality. Siemens Industrial Edge can be used in two different ways:

Device-managed Edge:

  • Allows the user to expand the standard functionality with apps based on Docker technology. These apps can be managed either on the device itself via web browser or remotely from another PC. The manageability allows the user to easily execute, start, stop and update apps independently from each other. This reduces software maintenance effort and ensures easy ability to update as well as system stability.
  • Device-managed Edge is available by default starting from the delivery release and can be activated on the Control Panel of the Unified Comfort Panel.
  • A license is required for productive use of Device-managed Edge.

Centrally managed Edge (V17 Update 2 or higher)

  • In addition to Device-managed Edge, the Unified Comfort Panel Hygienic can also be managed centrally with the Siemens Industrial Edge Management System. After its onboarding, apps can be managed on the device using the central management system. Each device connected to the centrally managed solution needs to be licensed separately. More information can be found in the device documentation.

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Introducing The PG M6 2023

The PG M6 comes with an elegant, robust enclosure made of light-weight stable injection-molded magnesium with rubber-protected corners and retractable carry-handle. It can optimally be used both for engineering in the office and for the commissioning, service, or maintenance of automation systems. It now comes with the latest version of TIA Portal software (V18). The PG M6 boasts an industrial notebook with all commonly used interfaces for industrial applications. You will never have to worry about any set up, because the PG M6 can be used immediately thanks to pre-installed SIMATIC engineering software. The SIMATIC Field PG M6 is the optimal tool for automation engineering, and an ideal platform for the SIMATIC engineering software. The PG M6 is a mobile, industry-standard programming device for automation engineers with a powerful, eighth-generation Intel® Core™ i processor and high-speed RAM.

What’s New

TIA Portal V18 software is now available on our SIMATIC PG M6, Edition 2023. Sure, you can most certainly run our TIA Portal software on an office PC or generic industrial PC, but there are several advantages to using our SIMATIC M6 PG. It’s far more than just another laptop.

  • Software is pre-installed, ready to run!
  • Built for an industrial environment
  • Flexible connections with integrated interfaces
  • Direct SIMATIC Memory Card programming
  • Support for external monitors and keyboards
  • State of the art performance, optimized for TIA Portal
  • Easy lifecycle maintenance with long-term availability of the image, product, and spares
  • SIMATIC industrial quality, system tested, reliable, true global service and support


SIMATIC Field PG M6 is based on the latest Intel Coffee Lake processor technology. It is equipped with up to 32 GB of high-speed DDR4 work memory and with an SSD that is up to 1 TB in size. The 2.5″ hard disk can also be easily replaced from the side. Integrated wireless and Bluetooth technology and a non-reflective, high-resolution 15.6″ display allow optimal working conditions in the machine and plan-related environment. In addition, the programming device has all the standard industrial and SIMATIC interfaces. Thus, it has two Gigabit Ethernet, a PROFIBUS DP/MPI and a serial interface “on board”. SIMATIC memory cards are also universally supported. Thanks to the retractable carry-handle, the programming device can always be safely transported anywhere. The robust, completely shielded injection-molded magnesium enclosure also provides protection against vibration and electrical radiation.


The programming device, which is optimized for engineering with TIA Portal, is delivered with pre-installed SIMATIC engineering software STEP 7 and WinCC for configuring PLCs and HMI. With the SIMATIC Field PG M6, you thus receive a turnkey device for mobile use during configuration, commissioning, service, or maintenance. The integrated Intel® Active Management Technology (iAMT) permits remote access to the SIMATIC Field PG via Standard Ethernet. Remote control of the SIMATIC Field PG, e.g., for restoration, upgrades, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, is thus possible and very easy. The Microsoft BitLocker functionality is supported by the integrated Trusted Platform Module TPM 2.0 and thus offers access and operating system protection as well as secure data encryption.

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Siemens TIA Portal V18: Gateway to Automation in Digital Engineering Domain

SE Automation and Siemens are offering the newest version of the TIA Portal V18 that boosts engineering efficiency and offers optimized functionalities for multi-user engineering. This means that users can now work in teams and in parallel on projects and build and manage shared libraries. Access rights can be assigned either individually or group-specifically, which makes collaboration more flexible. 

The scope for TIA Portal and SIMATIC controllers has also been further extended. The SIMATIC S7-1500 and the SIMATIC ET 200SP now provide a higher computing and communication performance and support R1 redundancy. This ensures the maximum availability of applications and helps solve future automation challenges. The R1 redundancy can be easily and flexibly integrated into existing networks with no programming effort. This makes it one of the simplest solutions on the market that can be used in a wide variety of industries; in factory automation as well as in logistics and infrastructure, where R1 redundancy is especially relevant for large infrastructure projects. The new hardware also supports the latest security standards, and so the Version 18 of the TIA Portal will again place a strong focus on state-of-the-art security.

Features & Benefits:

  • Higher engineering efficiency
  • More functionalities for team collaboration
  • IT/OT integration & extension with IT-oriented approach of Simatic Automation Xpansion (Simatic AX)
  • Advanced engineering of kinematics (5D/6D)
  • Maximum availability in through R1 redundancy

Since motion applications in automation are becoming increasingly complex, the new version of the TIA Portal also offers simple and holistic engineering of 5D/6D kinematics. In other words, motion control functions up to six interpolating axes. Complex kinematics like robots can now be easily integrated into industrial processes in the TIA Portal. This allows companies to easily expand, convert, or modify their production facilities without interfering with running systems.

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Siemens SINAMICS DCP Converter: “All Aboard” The Industrial Drive Train

SE Automation and Siemens are offering the SINAMICS DCP 250kW Converter. This converter is expanding the power spectrum and voltage range of the proven SINAMICS drive family with bidirectional DC-DC converters.  The new SINAMICS DCP 250 kW has a rated output of 250 kW at 1000V DC, and it is ready for immediate use without the need for additional engineering.  A power extension can also be easily implemented by connecting several SINAMICS DCPs in parallel. 

Since it is a compact device, chokes, power electronics, and control units are installed in the device.  Additionally, it has an energy efficiency of >98%. With a continuous operating voltage of up to 1200V DC, requirements for test benches in automotive technology can be covered and offers the optimal basis for the realization of test stands for electric vehicles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Buck & boost functionality on both sides of the device; 2 different functions combined in 1 device
  • Small current ripple due to high switching frequency
  • Temperature controlled fans
  • High efficiency up to 98.6%
  • Expandable to complete systems through S120 product portfolio

Today’s industrial complexes must focus on achieving maximum productivity, energy efficiency, and component reliability, as power grids are becoming increasingly volatile.  Due to its functionality and compact design, the SINAMICS DCP is suitable for several applications. DC-DC converters make it possible to integrate storage systems into the drive line-up.  Regenerative energy can be stored temporarily, used for the process as required, or supplied to the drive line-up in the event of peak load requirements or failures.

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Siemens Stack Signaling Columns: More Than Pretty Lighting

SE Automation and Siemens are offering the latest addition to their product family, the newly developed Siemens 8WD46 Signaling Columns. Thanks to Siemens’ professional signaling technology, the Signaling Columns ensure optimal performance in controlling complex processes. They reliably signal different states and offer a variety of signaling levels and functions. 

In addition to making individual settings, you can also implement variable fill level displays or signaling over a wide area. The integrated acoustic element with volume control also makes it possible to use the system in zones where visibility is limited. The columns can be easily configured by IO-Link or via a USB interface. They can be mounted and deployed universally in industrial settings or buildings, on machines, assembly stations, charging points, ramps, shipping and packaging stations, conveyor belts, and much more.

Features & Benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Modern industrial design
  • Efficient engineering
  • Optimal visibility
  • Extremely robust & suitable for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Increases plant value
  • Choice of various light & acoustic signals with different functions
  • Easy selection for ordering
  • Variety of colors
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SIEMENS Latest Versions of SIMATIC S7-1500 CPUs: Expanding Brain Power

SE Automation and Siemens are offering up-to-the-minute versions of CPU 1511(F)-1 PN and CPU 1513(F)-1 PN in their SIMATIC S7-1500 family of CPUs. These innovative versions significantly increase performance as the user programs are executed faster with the CPUs by up to a factor of 1.6 to 2.8.  Processing times of 25 ns for bit commands are achieved.

The performance of word, fixed-point, and floating-point arithmetic commands has also been significantly increased. Using the second processor core for communication tasks, the communication performance is appreciably enhanced, resulting in higher data throughput.  The SIMATIC S7-1500 CPUs can be relied upon to implement the most demanding concepts and reliably accompanies you on your way through digital transformation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increased performance
  • 100% more program memory and 50% more data memory
  • Higher communication performance (second processor core)
  • Increased performance for OPC UA by a factor of approximately 1.6
  • Increased performance for OUC by a factor of approximately 2.3
  • Less user program with simultaneous communication load
  • Fully revised display implementation
  • Harmonization of the technical specifications within the performance classes

The newest versions of the Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 CPUs replace the predecessor versions with spare parts compatibility.  Additionally, the display implementation has been fully revised and is part of the CPU firmware. This eliminates the separate display firmware, thereby simplifying maintenance of the CPUs significantly. 

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