Siemens SIMATIC ET200SP Multi-Fieldbus Interface Module: Three Protocols in one Hardware Module

SE Automation and Siemens are excited to offer the SIMATIC ET 200SP-MF, a multifunctional, multi-protocol distributed I/O solution as part of the revolutionary ET200SP I/O system.  This is attributable to the expanded range of the ET 200SP system components that … Continue reading

Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers: Safety Without Breaking the Bank

SE Automation and Siemens would like to introduce you to Siemen’s line of Programmable Logic Controllers. Programmable logic controllers (“PLCs”) are commonly used throughout the industrial control and automation industries. Siemen’s series of PLCs offer integrated safety along the entire … Continue reading

An Xtraordinary Infrastructure Drive System: the SINAMICS G120XE

Are you using variable speed drive systems for industrial pump, fan, or compressor applications? The SINAMICS G120XE is an engineered enclosed variable speed drive system designed specifically for these applications. The G120XE system was built around the flexible, function-rich and … Continue reading

The Award-Winning Simatic IOT 2050 Gateway: Your Link to Digital Dimensions

In 2021, Siemens won the Engineers Choice Awards for Network Integration – I/O Systems with the Simatic IOT 2050 gateway. The SIMATIC IOT2050 is a smart gateway for Industrial Edge and cloud connections – but what makes it award-winning? Whether … Continue reading

The SIMATIC ET 200AL – For Effortless Installation Anywhere

With its high degree of protection IP65/67, particularly compact design, low space requirements and weight, SIMATIC ET 200AL is specially designed for distributed control electronics in tight spaces and involving motion. The SIMATIC ET 200AL devices are quickly and conveniently … Continue reading

Confidently Handle the Most Difficult Starting and Stopping Operations with the Siemens 3RW55

Equipped with the utmost functionality, SIRIUS 3RW55 Failsafe High Performance soft starters confidently handle even the most difficult starting and stopping operations. Thanks to innovative torque control, the device can be used for drives with an output of between 5.5 … Continue reading

Upgrade Communication Opportunities When You Upgrade Your Firmware

Upgrade Your Communication Opportunities When You Upgrade Your Firmware Siemens new V5.0.3 firmware release maximizes the communication potential for the ET 200SP. By upgrading, customers can now use this MultiFieldbus Interface Module to connect controllers using PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. Prior … Continue reading