This is a very cool offsite storage web site.  They give you a FREE basic account with 50G of storage. The two nice features are that you can download files from other sites right into your online folder, and you can share the files with other people.  This means that if you need to send a 300M file, upload it to your “adrive” then share it without having to attach the file to an email.

Click Here to View the ADrive Web Site



For those who are familiar with Snag-It, which is a costly program, this program will do virtually the same thing.  It interfaces with your “PrintSceen” button on your keyboard.  The tool will then allow you to draw a box around ANY thing that is currently on your screen and “capture” it.  You can save it to the clipboard, email, print, etc.  This is a great tool if you need to send a quick snapshot of something on your screen.

Click Here to Download Greenshot



This is a FAST, simple, clean, and secure way to gain access to a PC without having to deal with firewall issues, routers, etc.  Once you install the software, you can click on “Connection” then “Invite Partner” and it will generate a link and start an email for you to send.  When the other party installs the small file and runs it, they need to give you the user ID and password, and you enter this in on your end. Instantly, you have control of their PC.
Click Here to Download TeamViewer